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Best Winter Fragrances For Men – Top 10 Colognes

Winter is the time of beautiful scents. Christmas time brings out amazing flavours like cinnamon, spice and vanilla. The cold weather asks for strong fragrances with good projection and longevity. That`s why there are mens colognes that work very well in winter and not that good in summer. Because when the temperature rises, your cologne needs other characteristcs regarding the ingredients and silage.

Best winter colognes for men
Best winter colognes for men

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Top 10 Winter Colognes List

10. Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum by Tom Ford

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A charismatic sweet blend of tobacco leaf and vanilla

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford is by far the best winter perfume for most elegant men. Excellent wear for the autumn/winter period, Tobacco Vanille opens, as soon as sprayed, with a smoky mix of tobacco leaves and spices. But a more comforting vanilla note makes it way shortly after. Gradually, the scent settles on the sweet notes of vanilla and spices. It is a sweetly spicy perfume, but not cloying.

Without a doubt, the first blend came out much more potent than the reformulated version you find today. But the main core or accord remains quite the same.

What is it like to wear Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford?

The three more prominent notes are tobacco, vanilla, and cloves. Usually, the first reaction is that this scent is not for everybody. But here is what makes it the best winter perfume.

Characterized by saturated and smoky notes, Tobacco Vanille is an opulent and sumptuous creation. In detail, precisely by virtue of its sexy depth, knows how to give sensations of comfortable intimacy both to the wearer and to those who perceive it.

It is reminiscent of sweet and intoxicating pipe tobacco leaves as well. Tobacco Vanille renews the concept of virility while evoking all winter moments marked by the pleasure and warmth in front of a lit fireplace.

Does Tobacco Vanille last?

When choosing a bottle of Tobacco Vanille, you should be aware that the manufacturing year matters. The first blend came out in 2007. One year before, Estée Lauder bought Tom Ford Beauty and started producing new unisex fragrances. So, later batches seem to have inherited a somewhat more unisex vibe. In other words, the first formula was potent, almost sticky, and invasive.

Most of today’s juices last for almost 24 hours and leave a strong sillage. As you would expect from the best winter perfume, a few sprays can go a long way on the skin. At least, for almost six hours without the need to re-apply. It lasts ages on shirts.

For what occasions is Tobacco Vanille the best winter perfume?

Many frag-heads would agree that this scent is not very versatile. Mostly because it calls for a formal outfit like a black-tie or a tuxedo. Of course, many still use it with a casual style, but it has a more refined vibe.

When you use it in social settings, you might find other people not liking its harsher tobacco opening. That is why a formal gathering is more appropriate. Everything moves slower during a formal event, so you do not need to bounce around the place. When the sweetness from the vanilla comes up, the moderate projection becomes more pleasant. In short, it is not a mass-appealing fragrance.

One of the boldest Tom Ford’s blends for men and elegant formulas for women

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford is a perfume that embraces and caresses you. It makes you dream of the elegant atmosphere of the typical London chic club, which Tom Ford, in his interviews, says he loves so much.

It remains one of the Maison’s greatest masterpieces, quite expensive, but truly fantastic. Its simplicity (the listed ingredients are eight) is its second strong point.

Earlier batches were more masculine. But today’s bottles are definitely unisex. In the end, it is the best winter perfume for anyone looking to show his or her gracious side.

Top notes: Tobacco leaf, Spices
Heart notes: Tonka bean, Tobacco flower, Vanilla, Cocoa
Base Notes: Dry fruit accord, Woods
Babe magnetism score: 80%
Suitable for age: 25-70
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Business / Meeting / Conference
Longevity: 90%
Scent intensity: 85%

9. Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Man X Eau de Toilette

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The long-lasting formula that any candidate applying for the best winter cologne should have

Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Man X is an extraordinary perfume for the autumn and winter seasons. For one thing, it is more intimate than one might expect. At first, it is not a beast in terms of radiating its aroma, but on the skin, it stays for up to twelve hours.

It starts with citrus, slightly pungent, and synthetic smell. But more importantly, one that never loses its pleasantness. In the background, the coffee note comes up next. You could even describe it as a balsamic and almost mineral transition.

What is it like to wear Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Man X?

The main realistic note is the roasted coffee smell. In detail, the opening accounts for the most synthetic impression. Then, when the projection picks up at the first-hour mark, this blend feels nicer. It feels like the best winter cologne for coffee lovers.

Notes of coffee, whiskey, cinnamon, and a touch of leather and tonka beans make this fragrance a real delight. Somehow, its aroma reminds you of an Irish coffee. A very rich aroma that invites those around you to come closer to smell the inviting smell. Overall, a tasty scent that is not too thick or intoxicating.

Jesus Del Pozo’s Halloween Man X performances

This flanker has good performances. But projection- and sillage-wise, they are not extremely great. It lingers on the skin for many hours, but it will project for a couple of hours at best. Just so you know, consistency is not its hallmark either.

Overall, it remains more on your clothes and hair because it is quite volatile. Surely, it is the best winter cologne that projects a coffee note at arm’s length. But if you are looking for a monstrous sillage, you better continue reading the next section.

Who should choose to wear Halloween Man X?

Halloween Man X is the best winter cologne for anyone looking to give a playful vibe to an informal interaction. By far, this is a charming masculine scent that will attract most younger women’s interest.

For the price and for what it has to offers, in addition to the fact that it will surely delight the woman you want to pick up, Halloween Man X is a safe blind buy for most men. Especially anyone who like clubbing or using alluring scents in the office. Simply put, this is a perfume that invites the girl to come closer: it is perfect for a tender and unforgettable hug.

A warm spicy gourmand that will not break the bank.

On the bright side, Jesus Del Pozo Halloween Man X gives you the best winter cologne for the smallest investment. In the crowded designer scent arena, it is a pleasant surprise.

Many fragrances 10 times more expensive than this juice have the same performances. Yet, Halloween Man X stands on its own as a cheapie, hidden gem that not only coffee addicts will love.

Top notes: Cardamom, Lavender, Lemon
Heart notes: Roasted coffee, Whisky, Leather, Cinnamon, Mineral notes
Base notes: Tonka bean, Amber, Frankincence
Babe magnetism score: 97%
Suitable for age: 16-35
Suitable for occasion: Casual wear, Leisure, Clubbing
Longevity: 80%
Scent intensity: 80%

8. Perry Ellis Cobalt for Men

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An affordable blue scent from Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis Cobalt for Men offers a sweet woody accord. A ripe fig note lasts briefly during the opening, introducing a simpler, almost generic follow-up.

The woody and boozy accord makes it the best cold-weather perfume for the daytime. But its pleasant and elegant aroma makes it suitable even for the evening. Overall, it is a great scent for men looking for sandalwood-based perfumes.

Like most blue fragrances, this cheapie still maintains a fruity, sweet core. That is the fig note. But, and this note is not listed in the formula, you can smell cardamom in the background, keeping it fresh a slightly spicy.

What is it like to wear Perry Ellis Cobalt for Men?

The first impression is that this scent is super wearable. Of course, your mind might connect the affordable price with a more simplistic blend, but the quality is not bad.

Unlike top designers’ blue fragrances, Cobalt comes across more mature. It is the best cold-weather perfume for any grown-up man that wants to be sexy. Perhaps, on a younger man, it could work as a signature scent. Just because it adds a bit of mystery to his character.

It is not easy to pick each individual note, aside from the fig and the rum notes. So, I would say that it is more of a go-to fragrance for casual or informal events.

Longevity and sillage

If you are searching for the best cold-weather perfume that you can use in the office, you found it! Cobalt for Men by Perry Ellis projects for up to two hours at arm’s lenght. After that, it lasts on the skin for up to six hours, leaving you with a nice skin scent.

For its price point and wearability, this juice lasts as long as you would expect it to last. You can spray it on your jacket for the bests results. It will last for many hours and give you a nice puff every once in a while.

Why choose Cobalt?

For one thing, Cobal is a solid release from the house of Perry Ellis. If you tried other scents from the house, you might have found out that some juices have terrible performances. But this one is different.

On balance, it is the best cold-weather perfume for those looking for a fresh scent. It is redolent but delicate, without being weak. Above all, it is a very safe and versatile crowd-pleaser. Think of a gathering with friends or a party where you get to hug and meet a lot of girls. This scent will do the job perfectly!

The secret that makes Cobalt the best cold-weather perfume

While Cobalt stands on its own as a unique fragrance, its similarities with Bleu de Chanel are definitely there. If you find Cobalt in the bargain bin, and you like Bleu de Chanel, you are going to get a great deal.

After the first ten minutes, the two scents go in the same direction. If you are searching for a similar juice to go crazy because you enjoy the more pricey Chanel, Cobalt will do. In detail, the Cobalt’s DNA matches that blue vibe just right. From a distance, it is hard to tell if you are wearing one or the other.

Top notes: Italian bergamot, Mandarin, Orange, Ginger
Heart notes: Rosemary, Clary sage, Mediterranean fig
Base notes: Sandalwood, Cognac barrel, Cashmeran, White amber, Musk
Babe magnetism score: 97%
Suitable for age: 25-55
Suitable for occasion: Daily wear, Casual wear
Longevity: 85%
Scent intensity: 85%

7. Versace Eros Eau de Toilette for Men

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What an indulgent tonka bean blend!

Prepare yourself for a men cologne that blends sweet Tonka beans and voluptuous Madagascar vanilla. Even better, prepare yourself to get compliments!

First of all, Versace Eros cuts its place among the top winter fragrances because of its mass-appealing sweetness. And I know people who do not like this scent very much but keep using it because it impresses the ladies. At this point, some readers may mistakenly believe that sweetness is all there is to this blend. But Eros is more than that.

Without a doubt, Tonka beans and vanilla make up its core or heart. But the overall impression changes dramatically from start to finish. Eros’ lasting power is quite limited, so it all happens fast. But more importantly, it is feisty!

What is it like to wear Versace Eros?

If you put it on before getting in a car with your friends, this scent is the type of perfume that is going to make you receive a remark.

It is definitely a guilty pleasure for any man who likes sweet fragrances. Right off the bat, you get a refreshing opening thanks to a well-blended mint note. The top notes last for about five minutes. By contrast, the green apple note lingers for a bit longer.

Then, you get an intense but not cloying sweetness that gradually dries down in the next hour or so. Think of sweet, top winter fragrances for the club scene with a more delicate sillage.

More about its lasting power

Usually, top winter fragrances have great sillage and last many hours on your skin. Eros by Versace lasts up to eight hours on the skin, but projection-wise, it is a gamble. Unfortunately, several Eros batches have poor longevity. But usually, the best juices breach the three hours mark for an intoxicating projection.

Projection is the only issue you may have when buying an Eros bottle. But, you can solve this problem fast by using a portable atomizer. It is kind of a letdown, I know, but this scent is so mass-appealing that you should experiment with it.

Who should buy this Versace’s blend and put it among his top winter fragrances right away?

This perfume is ideal for several types of men. Especially:

  • athletic men (but not too much muscular either)
  • cool, center-of-the-attention type of guy
  • romantic man who likes to mingle

Most people think that Versace Eros is a fragrance for youngsters. Even many young males wear this scent at school or at the club. But you might want to consider it in the evening. Surprisingly enough, this juice works best in tranquil places.

Because of its moderate performances, you will leave a trail only for the first hour or so. Then, it turns into a skin scent. So, it is perfect to use with your partner.

Is Eros by Versace a designer fragrance?

By all means, yes, it is. Eros is the typical designer scent for the light-hearted man with a playful vibe. As such, you might want to let it age a bit. I mean, if performances are too bad, you could try to use it for a while and let it rest for a while. Sometimes, letting a scent sit undisturbed in optimal conditions turns a freshly made designer juice into a beast. After this period of time, you might find that its performance is better.

Versace Eros suits winter beautifully. On balance, its price point is a bargain. And you could argue that it gets one of the highest places on the podium among the top winter fragrances of the last decade.

Top notes: Mint, Italian lemon, Green apple
Heart notes: Venezuelan tonka bean, Ambroxan, Geranium
Base notes: Madagascan vanilla, Atlas cedar, Virginia cedar, Vetiver
Babe magnetism score: 98%
Suitable for age: 16-35
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Casual wear
Longevity: 85%
Scent intensity: 90%

6. Paco Rabanne Pure XS Eau de Toilette

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That sweet and cozy waft

Two things come to mind when smelling Paco Rabanne Pure XS. This perfume is not elegant, perhaps jaunty. Also, it has a liqueur component, a sparkling one, given by the ginger and a myrrh base that pushes out, giving it a balsamic vibe.

A synthetic smell takes over as you breathe this sweet blend. But that cozy vibe you get makes it the best men’s winter cologne for both day and night out your home. Plus, the cracked open coke waft you get with the first squirt is surely a trip down memory lane.

What is it like to wear Paco Rabanne Pure XS?

In the beginning, it is sparkling and regenerating. Just like a freshly uncorked coke. Then, it starts to change. Picture an intriguing, well-balanced dessert coming towards you along with ginger cake toppings. A green note finally appears. And you can smell it sometimes under the more prominent base.

A good and original mix of myrrh and cinnamon is the best way to describe it. When you spray it, Pure XS is not that strong. Eventually, it gets more intense and levels off after the first half-hour. Not that the best men’s winter cologne should start strong. But some people could find it weird.

Does Pure XS by Paco Rabanne last?

This gourmand has overall great longevity and a moderate projection and sillage. Pure XS works well both on the skin and on clothes. Above all, it lasts a long time and projects quite nicely for many hours before toning down.

It goes without saying that this is the best men’s winter cologne, but it should only be worn in cold weather. As the temperature rises again, expect it to be quite nauseating. Even a cool spring evening could be too warm for Pure XS to do its job. Instead, the cold keeps its modern but very sensual DNA from filling the air with just a cloying cloud.

For what occasions should you wear Paco Rabanne’s Pure XS?

This sugary and sweet blend is suitable for any night out in the open. Above all, I would not suggest spraying it just moments before entering the club. Although it is quite heavy on the sweetness, it is not very loud after the first 20 minutes. So, you can wear it to most social gatherings.

You can wear it along with different styles and clothes. On balance, a casual or urban style fits this scent better. Maybe, you could pull it off even with a button-knit cardigan. But that would require you to be easy going and cheerful.

What makes this Paco Rabanne scent the best men’s winter cologne?

On the one side, Pure XS is not breaking ground in the gourmand territory. That is a given. But this juice is still seductive and a great addition to any men’s collection. It is even more so for anyone who is not a frag head. If you do not have more than five fragrances, chances are that you have never smelled anything like this one.

Most girls and women love the vanilla and sugar combo. At the same time, it is sweet, but it does not remind you of a candy factory. It just lands you nicely in a sweet and spicy accord leaning on the sugary side.

Top notes: Ginger, Plant juice, Thyme, Cinnamon
Heart notes: Vanilla, Leather, Liqueur
Base notes: Musk, Myrrh, Sugar
Babe magnetism score: 92%
Suitable for age: 16-40
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Leisure
Longevity: 80%
Scent intensity: 85%

5. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male for Men Eau de Toilette

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Do not try to figure out the name

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is known to spark a question after the first application. That is, why is this fragrance called Ultra Male? All you can smell is a sweet pear, black lavender, and woody vanilla. So, why would anyone associate these notes with an extreme manly man?

As it turns out, the name has more to do with marketing and less with it being an awesome fragrance for winter. After all, if you are pondering the same question, then you will probably want to talk about it. Chattering leads to word of mouth, and discussions. And this is what marketing is all about. 

Above all, the rather unisex or metrosexual vibe you get should not confuse you. This is a great scent that you can rock to look more likable. So, forget about any thought concerning an unwavering man perfume, and let us discuss this blend more in detail.

What is it like to wear Ultra Male by Jean Paul Gaultier?

After a fairly sugary opening, the dry down reveals a very intense accord of pear, vanilla, and cinnamon, destined not to develop further. Some aromatic fougère notes, such as lavender and clary sage, are barely perceptible. Mainly, they try to dampen the warm, sweet, and enveloping aroma of vanilla, but without succeeding perfectly. Some smellers say it reminds them of bubblegum.

If you tried the original La Male (Ultra Male is a flanker of a 1995 scent, hence the name), Ultra Male is a step in the right direction performance-wise. Then again, it takes a different path when it comes to the sweet aspect that distinguishes it from the original blend. Both are great, and each one is an awesome fragrance for winter. You can use Le Male during the day. Then, layer it with Ultra Male for night use or to add more oomph.

How does Ultra Male perform on skin and fabrics?

Longevity is good. Roughly, it stays on the skin between 8 to 12 hours and projects for a solid couple of hours. This juice evaporates slowly during the colder nights, so you can breach the 3 or 4 hours of moderate projection mark.

On fabrics, this awesome fragrance for winter tones down abruptly. It seems like this formula does not infuse cotton or wool very well. But, you can get better results with a scarf or shawl.

Certainly, the Ultra Male lasts longer than the original Le Male. The sillage is also significantly good, and it is nearly impossible not to notice its trail.

Why choose this awesome fragrance for winter?

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male is bold but delicate. To put that in perspective, it is as fragile as glass. Imagine a deserted street in the middle of the night. If you were walking down such a road, smelling this perfume would relieve any anxiety or dark thought.

The balsamic cinnamon note is what will get you noticed by the women. But I would not suggest using it in the pub or club. This scent fits better with a date, an informal banquet, or museum night. By all means, it can work in a crowded place. But I fear its sweetness would go unnoticed because of its unisex quality.

The 27th jewel

The nose behind this creation (and Le Male as well) is Francis Kurkdjian. In detail, this is one of the twenty-seven formulas that he created for the French Maison Jean Paul Gaultier.

This perfumer is also known for high-quality niche perfumes. But Ultra Male remains the most awesome fragrance for winter for which he is known in the designer scent market. Since it came out in 2015, Ultra Male kept soaring in fame and popularity. Yes, it is a sweet and fruity scent. And also yes, it is for more casual wear and to be used with caution. But that is why it gets all the attention!

Top notes: Bergamot, Pear, Lavender, Mint
Heart notes: Cumin, Cinnamon, Clary Sage
Base notes: Vanilla, Amber, Woods
Babe magnetism score: 95%
Suitable for age: 16-40
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Everyday
Longevity: 88%
Scent intensity: 85%

4. Joop Homme

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Beyond first impressions

Joop Homme is an addictive, spicy blend. Suitable for the cold weather, just a few squirts are enough to make it the best winter scent for sweet fragrance lovers. The heavy mix of cinnamon and vanilla leave the air thick with a vibrant, sensual trail. But then, a cherry-like note keeps storming every once in a while. Back to the cinnamon again! This scent is legendary.

Joop GmbH launched this fragrance in 1989. In the nineties, Joop! fragrances quickly sold out. But Joop Homme came back worldwide as one of their best-sellers. Until today, it remains one of the most appreciated smells, enjoyed by both women and men alike.

What is it like to wear Joop Homme?

Joop opens up as a vintage perfume. Within seconds, a sweet blast soars all around you. Quality-wise, you might detect a synthetic feel to the opening. But it does not last long. As soon as the syrupy, sweet sandalwood accord calms down, the cinnamon note starts to get stronger.

It is a warm sweet scent that smells of cinnamon, vanilla, jasmine blossom, and lily of the valley. In particular, a warm, vanilla, and floral spice. It should be sprayed lightly on the skin to avoid the bubblegum effect. Sadly, no smell in nature resembles this concoction. So, I can only let you know that it has a sexy vibe that makes it the best winter scent for any man.

How long does Joop last?

The original blend was a beast in terms of performances. But over time, several reformulations made it softer. Still, it lasts for about 8 hours on my skin. Spray it on your shirt if you want to smell it for days.

Sillage and projection of the latest releases are quite modest. Immediately, it starts projecting a very strong and intense aroma that lasts for almost half an hour. Then, it quickly settles down. But you can get up to three of four hours of projection if you let the bottle sits for a while. That is, if you bought Joop recently, you could find it turning into the best winter scent you ever smelled the next year or so due to dilution. So, use it for a while to let some air enter the bottle, then let it sit.

Who should choose this powerbomb?

For one thing, if you love the cinnamon stick aroma, you will love this perfume. On the other hand, the citrusy components counteract the spicy notes to create a syrupy scent. So, if you cannot stand sweet fragrances, you might want to look elsewhere.

All in all, Joop Homme is the best winter scent for anyone searching for an iconic fragrance that inspired many perfumers for years. Pick it up if you are nostalgic about the nineties or love gourmands.

The best winter scent from the nineties!

Today, this scent may not be groundbreaking. But it is still relevant in the sense that fewer people wear it. So, you can use it in the office and on any informal occasion, really, and be unique.

As I mentioned, its formula inspired many other products, but Joop Homme still maintains its magic. It is sexy and fits all ages. It could even work for teenagers, as it did back in the early day, but tastes change. Luckily, it has an affordable price. So, it gives you the opportunity of doing your own testing.

Top notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Orange blossom, Lemon
Heart notes: Heliotrope, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Cinnamon
Base notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Tonka bean, Vanilla
Babe magnetism score: 99%
Suitable for age: 20-45
Suitable for occasion: Job / Date / Romantic Wear / Business
Longevity: 100%
Scent intensity: 100%

3. Dior Fahrenheit by Christian Dior for Men

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Nothing can beat a classic

Dior Fahrenheit is one of the very few perfumes in which all notes (and again, ALL) are distinguishable. It has character. Above all, it differs from the rest of the mainstream perfumes. Here, you smell the leather and a petrol accord that made perfume history. But also flowers—the carnation above all—citrus fruits and woods. 

In short, a great class orchestral composition makes it the best men’s winter perfume. Fahrenheit is truly a masterpiece of perfumery art. Every fragrance lover should possess a bottle, even if only for historical knowledge. Its aroma lingers in the air like a playboy’s bedroom eyes patrolling for prey.

What is it like to wear Dior Fahrenheit?

This powerful scent enhances a man’s virility. In short, it is strong and almost animalic. A blend of violet, woody notes, and nutmeg hits your nose as soon as you spray it. Then, a clove-like carnation smell appears, plus tonka bean, musk, leather, and lavender. The spicy and warm aroma accounts for most of its longevity. In the end, it is a hard-core, masculine scent.

A perfume with such heterogeneous notes is usually a mess. But in this formula, they are in perfect balance with each other. The vintage edition is by far the best men’s winter perfume of all. On the other hand, the current formulation leads to varying opinions.

The best men’s winter perfume for long-lasting wear

You can expect the vintage edition of Dior Fahrenheit to last for many hours. On the skin, the leather smell still projects faintly after five hours. You might even believe it was gone after a while, only to detect it when you turn around to go back from where you came. A sudden waft stops you mid-inhale and reminds you of the time that went by.

On average, it lasts eight hours on your skin and several weeks on your clothes. I know it sounds crazy, but I urge you to try it for yourself. Sadly, the reformulated juice seems to be less effective. So, you can expect half of the longevity with the newest bottles.

Who should choose Fahrenheit?

Simply put, this is a perfume for anyone who loves risk. That gasoline accord that made it so famous is not for the timid or for the white collar with the posh accent. This is the best men’s winter perfume for any man who wants to fire up the women’s imagination. It is supposed to boost the male personality, so it is not suitable for boring people. 

Stay away from Dior Fahrenheit if you never make up your mind quickly. Instead, go for it if you live in the moment and want a scent for your adventures. This scent is not for the usual social gathering with friends and family members.

More on the reformulated Fahrenheit by Dior

Over time, Maisons are known to cut their formulas to save on the production expenses. And Dior is no different. So, you might end up getting one of the latest reformulated blends. By all means, they are not that bad. But, if you compare them with the vintage counterparts, there is no match.

On the bright side, the reformulated version is very evocative. I perceive it as rebellious and romantic. So, you can wear it on more occasions than the first blend. It is a tad more linear, but maybe it will get better with time.

Top notes: Bergamot, Camomile, Lavender, Mandarin orange, Mace, Hawthorn, Cedar, Lemon
Heart notes: Carnation, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, Nutmeg, Sandalwood, Violet leaf, Cedar
Base notes: Amber, Leather, Musk, Patchouli, Tonka bean, Vetiver
Babe magnetism score: 95%
Suitable for age: 25-65
Suitable for occasion: The Allrounder: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Business / Meeting / Conference
Longevity: 85%
Scent intensity: 85%

2. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme Eau de Toilette

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A flanker that goes beyond the original formula

Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Extreme is a flanker of the most notorious Spicebomb. Three years passed for everyone to see and smell what Viktor&Rolf had in store for the raving Spicebomb fans. But without a doubt, the new creation was well worth the wait!

As the name implies, the DNA of Spicebomb Extreme is quite the same as the original blend. A delicious spicy vanilla accord takes the stage from start to finish. Nonetheless, a dried-out tobacco note shows up and makes its way through the entire scene. The result is an amazing winter cologne with a seductive aura.

What is it like to wear Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Extreme?

From a gourmand point of view, Spicebomb Extreme is almost a unisex scent. The tobacco note rounds out the scent nicely, so even a daring woman could pull it off. Of course, the initial black peppery opening and aromatic essence make it more masculine than feminine. 

The best part is its impressive dry-down phase. Think of a mellow, sensual combination of a comforting mix of vanilla and tobacco with a creamy, nutty vibe. All in all, this fragrance starts bold and intense. Then, it becomes increasingly sweet and warm. This flanker is an amazing winter cologne to wear during the coldest nights.

How long does Spicebomb Extreme last?

Like any other flanker with words like “extreme” or “intense” in its name, you should not expect it to last more than the original. To specify, these kinds of flankers offer a more intense blend in the sense that they remove something and add more of the rest. So, I get two solid hours of projection and overall longevity of eight to ten hours on the skin.

This extreme version enhances the sweet and tobacco notes while taking a step back on the addition of spicy and green notes. As such, this amazing winter cologne lasts many days on your clothes.

An amazing winter cologne for a date

Many would consider Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Extreme to be a clubbing scent. I can understand why. But if you are not a teenager, you would probably rock it for a date or a night out with your female friends. It is an alluring aroma that is intended to please a woman.

Sillage becomes soft pretty quickly. So, you know it is an intimate scent. The kind of smell you would wear to feel the warmth of your woman’s face while she is sniffing your neck. But it works great as an office scent too.

When to use which

If you plan to buy Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb Extreme and you have the original Spicebomb, you can go ahead. If you are unsure and fear it would be redundant, fear not. The two scents go in different directions. 

Spicebomb is a more in-your-face type of smell. Instead, Spicebomb Extreme is a more seductive alternative. Then again, the latest Spicebomb reformulations are softer. So, both are valid candidates as new entries in your collection. Each one is an amazing winter cologne for slightly different occasions. Use Spicebomb for a night out with friends to get you noticed, and the Extreme version for a more private date.

Top notes: Grapefruit, Pimento, Black pepper
Heart notes: Cinnamon, Cumin, Saffron
Base notes: Tobacco, Amber, Vanilla, Cistus
Babe magnetism score: 90%
Suitable for age: 16-45
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing Casual / Everyday
Longevity: 90%
Scent intensity: 92%

1. Azzaro Wanted By Night Eau de Parfum for Men

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Getting compliments all night long

Azzaro Wanted By Night is a cinnamon-based fragrance. You cannot find a gorgeous cinnamon aroma in many winter perfumes. But this one is the best cold-weather scent for cinnamon lovers. It is the type of spicy cologne you can wear in the Autumn as well, during the first chill evenings. Above all, this blend does not even try to copy a more oriental style of cinnamon-based formulas. It stands on its own feet.

Wanted By Night has a rather old-school composition. In detail, the perfume pyramid reveals a bunch of typical masculine ingredients. But the result is still a modern surprise.

What is it like to wear Azzaro Wanted By Night?

Wanted By Night opens with a blast of intense mandarin and cinnamon right away. Incense is the first note to appear among the heart notes, then accompanied by an aroma of red fruits, currants, and raspberries. But make no mistake about them, these sweet notes remain in the background. When it dries down, it becomes delicate, light. On my skin, a vanilla and cedar accord prevails, with a light cigarette type tobacco in the background.

Mainly, you smell cinnamon as the aroma changes. Still, it is the best cold-weather scent for any time when you do not know what to wear.

Great performances for its price

Azzaro nailed the quality-price ratio on this one. In detail, longevity breach the eight hours mark. Projection is good, although some will find it to underperform in comparison with other scents. That is, the initial blast mellows down in an hour. After that, Wanted By Night starts to become delicate. It behaves almost like an aftershave. 

All in all, a balanced structure defines it as the best cold-weather scent. It is not loud and does not even try to be. Clearly, the two noses behind its formula wanted to mix cinnamon with more traditional notes. And they did it beautifully.

Why choose Wanted By Night by Azzaro?

Wanted By Night is sweet but discreet. Mature, nocturnal, powerful, and even when you stop perceiving it, those around you notice it. Many said to me they smelled it from afar. Usually, it gets positive comments. Mostly because it is a masculine, deep, and suggestive fragrance with a slightly old-school and exquisite touch.

Even though the intensity of the opening fades away quickly, it remains sexy. It is the best cold-weather scent for anyone bored by the fresh and clean men perfumes. To be precise, this scent clings to you without making you look clingy.

The best cold-weather scent from a little known firm

Loris Azzaro founded Azzaro Paris back in 1968. Since then, this French Maison produced haute couture and fragrances. But this brand is less known in the perfume industry. Most men have probably seen the Azzaro Pour Hommen bottle while shopping for cheapies. Wanted By Night builds on Maison’s wealth of experience. But it departs from more traditional smells to satisfy today’s customers. As a result, this scent comes across as both innovative and traditional.

You cannot go wrong picking one of these badass bottles. Its design is spot on and clearly conveys an image of a resolute man.

Top notes: Cinnamon, Mandarin orange
Heart notes: Red cedar, Frankincence, Cumin
Base notes: Tobacco absolute, Cypress, Cedarwood
Babe magnetism score: 100%
Suitable for age: 16-45
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing /Casual
Longevity: 88%
Scent intensity: 85%

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So these are the Top 10 Winter Colognes for Men. If you have any suggestions or remarks, feel free to leave a comment!

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