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Best Winter Fragrances for Women – Top 10 Perfumes

Winter is the time of heavy and intense scents. There are fragrances that light up the dark and cold time. And there are scents that accompany the wonderful Christmas time, for example spice or cinnamon. Find out about the best Perfumes for Women to wear in Winter. The Top 10 are all just mesmerizing scents.

Best winter perfumes for women
Best winter perfumes for women

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Top 10 Winter Perfumes List

Giorgio Armani Si Intense Eau de Parfum


Eccentric, fruity, and spicy

Armani Si Intense is a sensual, warm, and intense fragrance. Over time, it does not become heavy or unpleasant. The perfume comes with elegant packaging and high-quality ingredients. Just a few sprays are enough to be enveloped by a very pleasant scent that lasts up to two days on your skin.

Mainly, this flanker starts with a different kind of sweetness in comparison with the original fragrance. The juice is well-blended, and I think the ambroxan molecules smooths out the vanilla to create the best winter perfume. Especially for night wear. It is almost a gourmand, but different, in a way.

What is it like to wear Armani Eau de Parfum for Women Si Intense?

For some, Si Intense is too similar to the original formula to get the best winter perfume title. But it is a different version. At the same time, it is not a more intense and fruity reinterpretation. For starters, the intensity is similar to classic Si EDP. The scent opens with a fruity, sweet, and tart explosion, thanks to black currant, bergamot, and mandarin.

Freesia gives a magical and sophisticated touch. After the fruity opening, you smell its floral heart, with a delicious bouquet of roses, neroli, artemisia, and osmanthus. The difference between the two versions is very subtle. All in all, you need a close comparison to fully get the nuances.

How long does Si Intense last?

During the first hour, Si Intense brings out its hidden subtleties. The scent is strong and remains strong even though you sprayed it twice. You can expect three hours of projection. In the first two, the sillage is good. Then, it quickly turns into a skin scent. Everyone can enjoy your pleasant, scented bubble that extends for almost 1,5 meters.

If you are searching for the best winter perfume to use on your clothes, you are looking for Armani Eau de Parfum for Women Si Intense. It lasts for many days. What is more, the last dry-down phase is woody. You can spray another fragrance anytime.

Why choose this Armani fragrance?

If you have the other flankers or the original Sì by Armani, you can alternate between them. Armani Si Intense thwarts any repetitive use issue. In detail, Si Intense has more depth than the other formulas, which, by the way, may come more in handy during the day.

Armani Si Intense is the best winter perfume to wear something a little eccentric during the night. Then again, because of its similar DNA, it will keep your friends on your toes, wondering why your perfume smells different by night. The spicy undertone will keep anyone intrigued.

Say Yes to a new beginning!

The whole Sì (literally, Yes, in Italian) perfume line offers numerous flankers. Each one aims to crown different aspects of the women’s lively femininity. And Armani Eau de Parfum for Women Si Intense is the best winter perfume for a confident woman who wants to be noticed. 

If you like sweet fragrances but cannot tolerate oversweet ones, Si Intense is perfect. All in all, the juicy accord of black currant makes this scent modern and adds a touch of mystery. This is the best flanker for any woman who loves to take her time while the aroma reveals itself gradually.

Top notes: Blackcurrant liqueur, Mandarin orange, Bergamot, Freesia
Heart notes: May rose, Neroli absolute, Artemisia, Osmanthus
Base Notes: Ambroxan, Patchouli, Woody notes, Vanilla
Guy magnetism score: 90%
Suitable for age: 20-70
Suitable for occasion: An absolute allrounder: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Business / Meeting / Conference
Longevity: 88%
Scent intensity: 85%

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume for Women


White floral bliss

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy is quite a surprise! If you glanced at its note pyramid, you would expect to smell a caramel gourmand. Instead, white flowers are the main protagonist all the way through! Jasmin (first) and vanilla (later on) make it the best winter cologne for floral scent lovers. You actually need to wait for a couple of hours before you can pick a caramel whiff over a fading gardenia note.

Girly yet sexy, structured yet light, Viva la Juicy is not a teenager scent. Well, it can suit a young woman. But it also has a freshness that reminds you of that inner transition from child to a lady.

What is it like to wear Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume for Women?

I found it cuddly, soft, snug like a warm blanket in the afternoons after high school. Besides, it reminded me of other similar fragrances. I would venture to say that Viva La Juicy is a superior version of Purr by Katy Perry, which is a cheapie. Sadly, Viva La Juicy is delicate. Maybe, too much, which makes it the best winter cologne.

After a brief opening full of citrus notes, you smell the flowers right away. It starts as a very pleasant fragrance but a little synthetic. After an hour or so, sweet vanilla and praline add a little warmth to the aroma.

A fleeting aroma or the best winter cologne?

I found out that many women wear Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume for Women in the warm seasons. Why would you do that?! This fragrance will not last an hour in the hot weather. By contrast, you need to try it on the coldest days of the year! It can last up to three hours. Well, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but it lasts longer. 

Performance-wise, four hours is the usual outcome from sprayed to gone. Of course, you can use it on your clothes, but the smell will sit really close to your garments. Sillage is close to zero.

Who should choose Viva La Juicy?

This white flower bomb is best suited for young women in the thirties and forties. To specify, I would not suggest a blind buy to any woman over fifty, even though there is no limit. It is just that this accord could seem too girly to a more mature woman with a traditional taste.

It also a neat choice for anyone looking for a good, non-invasive (except on very hot days) daily scent. Moreover, it is a rich fragrance with sweet, high-quality ingredients that will comfort you. Basically, it is the best winter cologne for casual or office wear.

Your friends would not suggest it to you out of jealousy

Viva La Juicy, one of the most controversial perfumes, has a very versatile smell. Sometimes, it feels like a fresh and elegant fragrance, while other times, it feels warm and sweet. Not everyone will agree on it being the best winter cologne.

You can use this juice at any time of the year, both night and day, but its trail is rather weak. For this reason, you might find out that your friends are not so keen to recommend it to you. But beware! They keep buying it over and over. It is one of those “love me or hate me” type of purchase. But in reality, it is a lovely scent.

Top notes: Mandarin orange, Wild berries
Heart notes: Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Jasmine
Base Notes: Amber, Caramel, Praline, Sandalwood, Vanilla
Guy magnetism score: 90%
Suitable for age: 16-35
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Casual / Everyday
Longevity: 80%
Scent intensity: 80%

Tresor by Lancome Eau de Parfum for Women


A perfume for grown-up ladies

Tresor by Lancome Eau de Parfum for Women is by no means for young ladies in their teens. This is a seductive but refined scent. One you must certainly dose in order not to have a headache and not to stun those around you.

Such a true masterpiece of the Maison Lancome! I would call it a historical fragrance for any woman interested in perfumes. Or the best cold-weather perfume for fruity fragrance lovers. Above all, it is elegant and sophisticated, just like a great lady. The notes of peach and apricot prevail on everything else. Plus, it has a little bit of powdery feel to it, which makes the sweet component not cloying.

What is it like to wear Tresor by Lancome?

Tresor is a creamy, sensual scent that perfectly blends the fruity with the floral aspect. Above all, it is a peach and apricot bomb. The opening is very fresh with a realistic fruity sweetness but also an astringent rose accord that gives the impression of spiciness.

You do not really get a whiff of vanilla, sandalwood, or amber even when it dries down. For the most part, it is the best cold-weather perfume for any woman who wants something different. Nonetheless, its trail is immediately recognizable.

Good longevity and intense sillage

Tresor by Lancome is mainly known for its strong sillage. Right off the bat, you get a trail more than one meter long. So, it is not unusual for women to under spray it and to press the atomizer only twice. 

Here is the deal with Tresor. During the first hour, projection is great and almost invasive. Then, at the two hours mark, the perfume turns into a powder-like scent. So, if you used too little, it feels like it is mostly gone.

Its performance makes it the best cold-weather perfume, but try spraying it four or five times. You might want to experiment with that number in order to fully appreciate the entire 8-hour effect.

The best cold-weather perfume to leave a mark

Tresor makes a woman feel confident, but at the same time sweet, without neglecting the romantic and soft taste of a woman that all women should evoke. Its projection, although powerful, does not show pride or arrogance. A sweetly pleasant scent leaves its mark on the skin, just like a true seducer. So, you can use it at any hour of the day and night.

Most likely, you want to wait for a romantic date or a semi-formal social event. Its aroma is eternal, timeless, elegant, tender, and offers itself as a treasure, as the name implies.

The origins of Tresor date back to 1952

Initially, Lancom launched Tresor during the second half of the 20th century. Then, the Maison changed the formula and the packaging with the 1990s version you can currently buy. Lancom thought the first version was too delicate and sappy. So, the new perfumer added long-lasting ingredients to the mix to enhance its performance.

The juice became strong and intense. And this fact did not change even though the following reformulations. Tresor by Lancome Eau de Parfum for Women is still the best cold-weather perfume, just like it was when it hit the market in the nineties.

Top notes: Rose leaf, Apricot blossom, Peach blossom
Heart notes: Lily-of-the-valley, Vanilla, Heliotrope, Iris
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk
Guy magnetism score: 80%
Suitable for age: 30-70
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Leisure
Longevity: 85%
Scent intensity: 80%

Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme Eau de Parfum


The enveloping redolence of love

Sweet vanilla fragrances have a thing for tenderness. And if you are searching for a deep scent with a more mature vibe, look no further than Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme Eau de Parfum.

It is a sweet, spicy perfume whose opening is slightly citrusy. Mostly, ginger and orange stand out and take the scene before letting a yummy Kulfi note dance with a sweet vanilla aroma. It is such a refined smell that it goes right away on the podium with the other top winter fragrances.

What is it like to wear Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme Eau de Parfum?

Noir Pour Femme leaves you with an impression of cleanliness and elegance. Moreover, this scent has what most women have always envied of men’s top winter fragrances. Especially those blends with a fresh, clean sillage.

After the first spray, it smells like a liqueur. Perhaps, due to the combination of mastic and citrus fruits. After a few moments, a ripe orange note is perceivable. But usually, it is brief. The fragrance changes completely, and the sweetness begins to come forth. Above all, you end up smelling a well-balanced mix of vanilla with flowers and sandalwood.

Does Noir Pour Femme last?

Tom Ford is a brand known for high-quality scents. And this one has high-quality ingredients. Sadly, due to its citrus components, most of the smell evaporates rather quickly. The scent settles on a sweet vanilla accord that lasts for ten hours on the skin.

Even though the perfume transitions swiftly into its heart notes, projection remains good. Noir Pour Femme stays close to your skin and mildly projects for two o three hours. Sillage is not on par with other top winter fragrances, but it is not a bad thing per se. This scent is not loud.

Who should wear this Tom Ford’s scent?

Tom Ford Noir Pour Femme is for a determined woman. One with character and a powerful, mysterious personality. You know the type of woman who overtakes you at an important event, and men cannot stop looking.

The scent is alluring and could mask a seductive intent with no hope of escape for the male victim. But at the same time, it can grace the innocent aura of a young lady in her twenties. Versatility-wise, Noir Pour Femme takes the cake the way top winter fragrances do. You can use it any time you want.

Among the top winter fragrances to pick up now

Noir Pour Femme is a delicious gourmand scent. At first, you might smell only citrus fruits, but nothing sharp or pungent. Then, it quickly gives way to sweet vanilla and a tart transition that is very, very well blended. To be honest, the combination of vanilla and citrus in Noir Pour Femme is one of the openings that I love the most. That almost boozy aroma is intoxicating!

This juice is well worth the price tag. However, you should not expect it to project like crazy. It is an intimate scent for the most daring woman with a soft, tender side.

Top notes: Mandarin orange, Bitter orange, Ginger
Heart notes: Jasmine, Orange blossom, Rose, Kulfi
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Mastic resin, Amber, Vanilla
Guy magnetism score: 80%
Suitable for age: 20-50
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Casual
Longevity: 87%
Scent intensity: 82%

Chanel No. 5


Femininity par excellence

Chanel No. 5 is the quintessence of femininity. It resembles what a woman achieves when she becomes fully aware of her abilities. Or when she becomes aware of who she is and what she wants. In brief, it marks the transition from a female teenager to a woman. As such, it should not be a surprise that it was associated with the emblem of femininity par excellence, Marilyn Monroe. 

A triumph of aldehydes and flowers, especially jasmine, as well as a touch of citrus and talc make it the best women’s winter cologne.

What is it like to wear Chanel No. 5?

The aldehydes, citrus fruits, and neroli reveal the fragrance core right after the first spray. Then, a splendid floral aroma follows. Primarily, jasmine, rose, iris, and ylang-ylang. Meanwhile, some powdery notes add a sense of cleanliness.

Finally, the base notes emerge with a woody, sweet smell, mostly sandalwood, and musk. Amber predominates in the end and makes it sensual, feminine, and very elegant.

The main protagonist of this scent is the presence of aldehydes. They are still the secret element of the best women’s winter cologne since 1921.

Highly volatile yet intense

The first time you try Chanel No. 5, you are bound to think about its staying power. Most likely, you will find it to be too evanescent. Many women tried it, did not buy it, and will agree that this is what happens. So, here is the reason why this happens so frequently.

The initial blast of aldehydes will keep you from spraying the perfume more than two or three times. Well, aldehydes are extremely volatile. They are top notes and will last for half an hour or so, depending on the quality of the juice. Then, they disappear and leave no trace behind. So, if you want to experience the best women’s winter cologne, you will need to spray more or fill a portable atomizer.

Why is No. 5 the best women’s winter cologne?

Jacques Polge changed the original formula to create the Eau de Parfum version in 1986. But the original Eau de Toilette by Ernest Beaux is still on the market. They are slightly different but are equally worthy of your attention. Chanel No. 5 is a fragrance you can wear to enhance your persona. When correctly applied on the skin (it will not last on clothes), it can become a signature scent.

This perfume is among the best women’s winter cologne because it reminds the bystanders of beauty and elegance.

A legendary beginning for an outstanding outcome

Many know about Chanel No. 5 because of Monroe’s famous remark. Just so you know, the actress replied to an interviewer asking what did she wear before going to bed. 

She replied with the famous “only a few drops of Chanel No. 5.” But way fewer people know about the perfume origins, which creation was a mistake. At the time, the perfumer had the chance to prepare several sample ideas for the new fragrance he was asked to produce for the Maison. But somehow, he picked up the wrong bottle when the day of the meeting with the company rep came. No one ever found a way to use aldehydes in perfumery, and the perfumer was still experimenting with them. Nonetheless, the one with aldehydes was the one the rep, Coco herself, liked. And you guessed it, it was sample No. 5.

Top notes: Aldehydes, Bergamot, Neroli, Lemon
Heart notes: Iris, Grasse jasmine, Lily-of-the-valley, May rose
Base Notes: Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Vetiver
Guy magnetism score: 92%
Suitable for age: 25-70
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Business / Meeting / Conference
Longevity: 95%
Scent intensity: 90%

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb Midnight Eau de Parfum


Pleasant ice cream parlor’s sweetness in a bottle

Viktor&Rolf Midnight Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum is a lovely scent that will surprise you for its sweet side. With such a name, you would expect to smell flowers. And indeed, you do. But at the same time, an underlying savor slowly arise. It is an aroma that you can almost taste, more than you can smell it. Immediately, it reminds me of vanilla ice-cream.

Imagine sitting at a table next to black currant plants. Meanwhile, you are savoring a handmade vanilla ice-cream during a night out with your friends. When you turn around, you get a whiff of jasmine blooming on the outdoor wall. What an awesome fragrance for winter!

What is it like to wear Viktor&Rolf Midnight Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum?

It is a fruity sweet scent. Black currant, jasmine, and musk are the predominant notes, but they are well blended and not easy to spot. They create this sweetness that takes over as time goes by. They are responsible for this vanilla ice-cream effect. To specify, the vanilla note is present in this scent, but it does not appear upfront. The floral notes embrace the more subtle heart I mentioned earlier.

The opening reminds me of a delicate sweet osmanthus flower. To be honest, the pomegranate makes it a little dark and noirish. Each ingredient adds to another beautifully in this awesome fragrance for winter.

It lasts even longer on clothes

Midnight Flowerbomb is a complex juice. Sometimes, a few sprays will do. But other times, it will be gone in two or three hours. This inconsistency is to be expected, given its floral heart. However, I found out that it lasts longer on clothes. As long that the temperature is cool, you can experiment with this awesome fragrance for winter to try what works best for you.

On the skin, Midnight Flowerbomb evaporates in one hour or two. It rarely lasted longer than that. But a few squirts on wool will bring out the fragrance for many hours.

Floral lovers, you will adore this awesome fragrance for winter

If you tested many floral scents, then you might have become pickier. Viktor&Rolf Midnight Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum put a sexy scent on the market with a sweet twist.

You can wear it to the club because it is sugary, but not too much. Besides, it is flowery but with a more unique core. So, young women can wear it at any social event or gathering. And older women can enjoy its discreet projection. Above all, it is the kind of scent that makes you decide who gets to smell it by stepping closer to him.

A scent with a feminine soul

In a few words, Midnight Flowerbomb is sparkling and, at the same time, delicate and romantic. It may bring up happy memories of the past. Yet, it is fleeting, just like a lady who does not show herself all at once.

You should consider getting a bottle of this perfume because it stands out among the rest. All in all, you will not come across such a well-balanced floral scent so often in your daily life. It still contains many notes from the original Flowerbomb formula, but this flanker is better suited for the evenings.

Top notes: Blackcurrant, Night-blooming jasmine
Heart notes: Musk, Pomegranate
Base Notes: Peony, Vanilla
Guy magnetism score: 95%
Suitable for age: 16-40
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Leisure / Everyday
Longevity: 80%
Scent intensity: 85%

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal


Don’t call me honey!

If you judged the packaging, bottle, and advertising, you would expect a more aggressive, more transgressive perfume. But Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier is a sensual and delicate scent. One could even call it romantic.

This blend is a honey delight and even more sweet due to the exquisite mix of honey, beeswax, and caramel notes. However, Jean Paul Gaultier’s perfume vibe is still here. If you try other perfumes of this Maison, you will find that same distinctive accord shared with Classique and La Belle. Of course, each of them is different, and this one is the best winter scent.

What is it like to wear Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de Parfum?

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de Parfum smells of honey with patchouli. It is sweet, but it has a fruity sweetness mixed with jasmine. For one thing, the honey note is present from start to finish. It is delicious and perfect for the cold seasons. If you love gourmands, you will consider it the best winter scent.

This is one of those scents you do not want to try out during the hot seasons for two reasons. Firstly, the heat might bring out a cloying effect. Secondly, bees might come after you.

Best winter scent with heavy sillage and impressive performance

If you over spray it, you will get an impressive performance. But even if you do not, you can easily get several hours of projection. Usually, you get two to three hours of solid projection and a sillage of 1 meter. The scent bubble will remain around you even as the hours pass. But the scent will evaporate mildly. Yet, still noticeably if you hug someone.

I find it performs better on the skin. Especially when you apply it behind the ears, on the pulse points. Clothes soak it up, but they do not release an intense aroma.

Why choose Scandal?

Scandal highlights a shameless sensuality. However, it has nothing to do with the explicit sexual act. Certainly, it does so by applying the same canons of the current fashion trends in terms of perfumery.

Honey, a lot of realistic honey, with a definitely extreme but natural sweetness, creates the central core. Above all, it very different from other caramel-based gourmands. Plus, it does not contain vanilla. No casual praline, but more insidious licorice to affect the sweetness. The scent wants to please, yet it is a little capricious, dense, not obvious, which makes it the best winter scent with its own personality.

Dripping juice in the night

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier is the best winter scent for a first date night. By all means, this scent is not for the timid girl with nothing to say. The main purpose of this fragrance is to improve your sex appeal. So, its sweet and seductive aroma requires a confident lady.

Wear Scandal to get an emotional reaction from your partner. For example, during a walk arm-in-arm. The sweetness will add a tingly layer to the interaction. On the other hand, it can work for a cozy night as well. Just remember not to spray it too many times if you plan to stay inside in a closed room.

Top notes: Gardenia, Blood orange
Heart notes: Honey
Base Notes: Patchouli
Guy magnetism score: 99%
Suitable for age: 16-40
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Leisure
Longevity: 92%
Scent intensity: 90%

Armani Code Cashmere


One of the best women’s winter perfume

This flanker came out in 2017, and I cannot recommend it enough. Buckle up, because you are in for a pleasant surprise! For starters, imagine vibrant jasmine blending with a warm almond note. The result is a creamy smell like opening a box of chocolate on a warm and cozy cashmere sofa.

The DNA of the original Armani Code is still present. But overall, Armani Code Cashmere by Giorgio Armani for Women is a magnificent perfume in its own way. In other words, you do not need to know the original to fully appreciate this masterpiece.

What is it like to wear Armani Code Cashmere by Giorgio Armani for Women?

After wearing it several times, it becomes easier to pick its notes, starting from the bottom. You get a slightly smokey, woody, and powdery smell. The leather and cashmere notes are not that strong. But they unexpectedly affect the floral heart. Within seconds, a fresh and citrusy opening fills your nostril as you breathe it in. Then, it turns into a beautiful, warm, enveloping, slightly powdery aroma of almond sweets.

The main ingredients blend with the leather and cashmere notes. As a result, the latter ones extend their longevity for hours on end. In short, the best women’s winter perfume for a sweet and seductive aura on command.

This scent is a long-lasting gem

If you are tired of fragrances that go away after two hours, try Armani Code Cashmere by Giorgio Armani. Usually, it lasts for ten to twelve hours on your skin. And even more so on cotton clothes and underwear.

When the perfume dries down, it leaves a touch of incense (but it is not too strong). Then again, a perfect and enigmatic patchouli note lingers till the smell is no more. So, you can enjoy it even as it slowly fades away. Basically, it is the best women’s winter perfume for anyone looking for a comforting smell.

Great for your date nights

If one thing is clear, it is that you will not smell anything quite like it. And that applies to your date too. Such a comforting smell is ideal for spending quality time with your partner. Of course, you might want to wait before using the best women’s winter perfume with someone you just met. Trying to elicit too many sentimental emotions at the beginning of the relationship could be excessive, after all. 

The floral heart of Armani Code Cashmere comes across as feminine. So, you could use it on more casual occasions as well. For example, a night out with your friends for a drink.

A successful series of flankers

Among the other Armani Code flankers, Armani Code Cashmere by Giorgio Armani for Women feels the most expensive one. Mostly because of the presence of a high-quality iris. Give this one a try if you are looking for something classy and sweet. It is the best women’s winter perfume with a yummy vibe.

Armani Code Cashmere is sweeter than Armani Code Satin. To be honest, it is the sweetest of all the other flankers. Plus, it is unique. No honey or sandalwood like in the original formula, yet the perfumer managed to maintain its freshness. Get it!

Top notes: Orange blossom, Jasmine sambac
Heart notes: Heliotrope, Iris, Almond milk
Base Notes: Leather, Suede, Frankincence
Guy magnetism score: 80%
Suitable for age: 20-55
Suitable for occasion: Another allrounder: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Business / Meeting / Conference / Leisure
Longevity: 95%
Scent intensity: 90%

Joy by Dior – Eau de Parfum Intense


A perfume to make a woman even more beautiful than she naturally is

Joy by Dior Eau de Parfum Intense is a fragrance for those women who love to leave a mark. Intensely bold, this amazing winter cologne is ideal for evenings with friends. Or even for special evenings with your significant other.

Compared to the original, it is a little more delicious, sugary, caramelized, candied, with seductive hints of jasmine and rose. Above all, the Maison improved the longevity of the original formula, creating a more lasting blend. In detail, an elegant and refined smell with fresh undertones.

What is it like to wear Joy by Dior Eau de Parfum Intense?

Joy by Dior Intense is the most recent version of the original Joy, released one year before. As tricky as it might sound, the intense version is not really stronger than the original blend. In fact, Joy Intense features fewer ingredients in the perfume pyramid. But it lasts longer. And because it has a long lasting power, it feels like a better version.

In Joy Intense, you still have that gorgeous muskiness and jasmine, but a bit of rose lingers in the background at all times. Vanilla is the overall novelty in this amazing winter cologne blend. On balance, it makes the juice sweet, sultry, and sexy.

New and improved performance

Joy by Dior Eau de Parfum Intense lasts a long time. At the very least, you can sense it on your skin after ten hours. Projection-wise, it has better performances than the original blend. You can smell it for hours, even though the projection will not be a continuous stream of perfume filling the air. Puffs of the scent will waft around the room, making people’s heads turn.

It is such an amazing winter cologne, but it is still delicate. On the positive side, the vanilla smell will follow you consistently. Even though it is not an intense trail, it is still signature-worthy.

Who will enjoy Joy Intense by Dior?

Women who love the vanilla note should definitely check this scent. But if you liked the original Joy version, let me warn you. The addition of vanilla makes a huge difference. All in all, vanilla itself makes the Intense blend an amazing winter cologne, which is more suitable for the colder weather than Joy itself.

Joy Intense has a citrusy and sparkling opening. At this point, you do not smell vanilla yet, but you can feel a creamy aspect. That is the mix of rose and vanilla notes complementing each other, creating a whole different scent.

More than a new bottle

If you did not like the Joy Dior bottle, you are not alone. Luckily, Joy by Dior Eau de Parfum Intense comes with a newly designed crystal bottle. But the design change is interesting because it gives you an idea of what happened.

Most likely, they wanted to add a new component to make the original juice bolder. Now, all the other ingredients take a backseat and leave vanilla come forth. And the result is an amazing winter cologne for the nighttime. Just a few sprays and you will experience a luxurious composition, which explains the new bottle.

Top notes: Bergamot, Neroli
Heart notes: Grasse jasmine, Grasse rose
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla
Guy magnetism score: 95%
Suitable for age: 20-70
Suitable for occasion: The next allrounder: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Business / Meeting / Conference / Leisure / Everyday
Longevity: 85%
Scent intensity: 85%

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome for Women


It smells generic, yet it is popular. Here is why…

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome for Women is a compliment getter. Probably, something in this juice will make you reject its sweet vanilla accord. Your first thought could be that it does not smell original, and you would be right. However, just ask any man what he thinks about your fragrance, and you will receive compliments.

The secret behind La Vie Est Belle, which makes it the best cold-weather scent, is hidden deep inside its formula. Something that mixes with your feminine body chemistry and makes your skin irresistible.

What is it like to wear La Vie Est Belle by Lancome for Women?

La Vie Est Belle is like a mixture of things that smells good. But you cannot really single out each note. At first, it may remind you of patchouli. But quickly, it turns into a ripe red fruit aroma. Perhaps, it could be compared to strawberries and champagne with a touch of cotton candy smell. Even though you cannot detect them, the jasmine and delicious notes of vanilla and chocolate pralines with caramel are there. And they make it sweeter and sweeter as the minutes pass.

It is better to test it during cold seasons only. After all, it is the best cold-weather scent for sweet fragrance lovers.

Performance is through the roof

La Vie Est Belle by Lancome has an enormous sillage and projection. Moreover, it can last on your skin for half a day. You can apply it to clothes and lingerie: the perfume will remain for hours on end, still projecting softly.

It was made to last. For one thing, this scent will raise your spirits and make you feel ultra-feminine. Spray it a little less than usual, and you get a delicately scented bubble but with a lot of presence. Above all, it is the best cold-weather scent for any woman who likes to apply fragrances once per day.

The best cold-weather scent for everything

Have you ever wondered if a single fragrance could take out every other scent in your collection? La Vie Est Belle is such a perfume that you could make it your go-to fragrance for everything. In fact, it is so versatile that you can use it when you get out of the gym or for a night out. You can wear it while you go shopping and to more formal events.

Three perfumers, two of whom are elite creators for major brands, crafted this blend. As a result, it became so successful that you probably smelled it around. And its high versatility is why you might reject this perfume at first.

If it were a color, it would be orange

For once, the color of the juice is reminiscent of the actual sensation the scent gives you. Without a doubt, the orange blossom note functions as a binding agent. It balances the different smells and helps to smooth them into a gorgeous concoction.

You should try La Vie Est Belle because it is the best cold-weather scent for both the office and leisure time. Plus, it smells expensive and nicely blended. If you ever wanted to know what orange would smell like, grab a bottle of this gem.

Top notes: Pear, Blackcurrant
Heart notes: Iris, Jasmine, Orange blossom
Base Notes: Patchouli, Praline, Tonka bean, Vanilla
Guy magnetism score: 97%
Suitable for age: 18-50
Suitable for occasion: Date / Romantic Wear / Clubbing / Business / Meeting / Conference / Leisure
Longevity: 98%
Scent intensity: 95%

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So these are the Top 10 Winter Perfumes for Women. If you have any suggestions or remarks, feel free to leave a comment!

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